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Our Story

What does it take to empower a nation? In countries like Nepal, one of the biggest problems that exist is not the lack of hard work or skills but rather, opportunities, especially for women to be self-sufficient. And that is the problem Lezéri is trying to be a solution for, as a luxury brand made in Nepal. From the foothills of the Himalayas, we bring you a line of high end sustainable artisan products made by empowering local artisans who have carried these skills from generations. Blending their craftsmanship with our designs, Lezéri is trying to create a brand that helps provide its artisans the recognition they truly deserve. Every product we make goes towards providing our women artisans the ability to be self sufficient and our goal is to one day have thousands more women alongside our current artisans leading a life out of poverty - towards empowerment, equality and independence because we truly believe Nepal will develop the day its women know its superpowers. 


Our goal is to make Lezéri the proof how all that was ever needed was not pity but just an opportunity, all that was needed was just a chance. And our efforts don’t just end there. Every product we sell shares profits to send children to school and help make the brighter future of Nepal a reality. Our goal is to become the medium changing hopes to haves, to help children get a little closer to the life they deserve, to empower women to help them understand their true worth and to let the world see : all it takes - to break the status quo, alter realities, help dreams come true, make s difference big or small: is just an opportunity. And we want to provide this opportunity - with Lezéri.

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